RIP Oscar De La Renta


Oscar de la Renta passed on October 20, 2014.
He was an icon in the fashion industry and will be missed. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

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2014 Ogeechee Seafood Festival

I was telling friends about my weekend and not a lot of them knew about the Ogeechee Seafood Festival. So I assume a lot of other people aren’t aware of this amazing event.

The Ogeechee Seafood Festival is held every year on the third weekend of October in Richmond Hill Georgia.

It features different vendors with food, crafts, and activities.

USAA bank was there offering great deals

Richmond Hill Fire Department was dancing with clowns and children

Different boutiques showing clothes and trinkets

Dancers and Musicians performed (get pic)
My favorite part is the food. They have all kinds of great food ranging from Italian ice cream, Boy Scout made peach cobbler, every kind of seafood you can imagine fresh or fried.

The Seafood Festival also has a carnival. I love rides and carnival food.
mmmm funnel cakes.



I can’t wait for next years Seafood Festival. Hopefully more people are aware of this event and I see some familiar faces.

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The T Word

This passing week MTV and LOGO showed a documentary called Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word. If you don’t know Laverne Cox is the actress who plays Sophia Burset on Orange Is the New Black.  Laverne is an actress and advocate for LGBT community.

The T Word is a documentary that introduced viewers to several different people. All of them shared their stories of transitioning and every day life. They each discuss what it means to be trans, what it was like to transition for them, dating, and how others have treated them.

“When someone is trans, it means they identify  differently from the gender they were assigned at birth based on genitalia.” -Laverne Cox

Before this documentary I had an idea of what the “T” word meant but I didn’t completely understand. After two minutes of watching the show and hearing the above quote I realized how little I knew about this community. Now I feel like so much better about my understanding of the transgender community and what they go through.

If you want to watch the documentary, check out the link below.

The T Word

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Fashionista Feature

Marjorie Harvey
I was scrolling through my Instagram this morning and I came across Marjorie Harvey on @thefashionbombdaily wearing a Dior dress off the runway, Louboutin booties, and a Chanel bag.
I knew she was Steve Harvey’s wife from following his Instagram but never noticed her fashion sense. I immediately checked out her page and this woman is fabulous. She’s always dressed in classy but fashionable runway wear. Turns out Marjorie is a Fashionista with her own fashion/beauty blog.
Not only is she active in the fashion industry, but she also does a lot for women and charities.
She has become a woman I look up to now in a matter of minutes. If you want to follow her details will be below.
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Blog- TheLadyLovesCouture
Instagram- @marjorie_harvey

PRSSA & Leap

So if you don’t know I am a Public Relations major and I love it. This year is my first year as a member of Public Relations Student Society of America or PRSSA. After the first meeting I was regretting waiting so long to join. We talk about PR of course and we always have some kind of activity that exercises our PR skills. We recently had mock press conferences for famous PR blunders like the Tiger Woods sex scandal and the BP oil spill. I encourage anyone interested in public relations to join PRSSA or PRSA you won’t regret it.
At the last meeting we discussed the L.E.A.P. certification. L.E.A.P. stands for Leadership
Experience in communication
The certificate is offered to Georgia Southern University Public Relations majors. You basically participate and blog about different activities on the L.E.AP. checklist that are related to leadership, experience in the communication , academic, and professionalism. Once you reach 60 points you will have your portfolio reviewed by a member of the Georgia Southern Public Relations Advisory Board.
The benefit of this certification is it goes on your resume, you get a certificate, and a post graduation interview with a GSU Advisory Board member.
Today is the official day I start working towards the certificate. If you want to follow my journey check out my LEAP Blog

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Taking Things In a New Direction

I have had this blog for about a year and have only used it for one class, but now I want to revive my blog and make it more consistent, personal, and professional. Here’s how I came up with the idea to blog.
It’s my senior year in college and lately I have been thinking of ways to build up my resume. At my last Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) meeting we discussed the L.E.A.P. Certificate.
LEAP stands for Leadership Experience in communications, Academic,
and Professionalism. To receive the certificate you must be a Public Relations major, complete 50 points worth of activities on the L.E.A.P. Checklist, and blog about each experience.
While I was setting up my separate blog for L.E.A.P. I was inspired. I was thinking that if I was going to blog consistently then I needed to enjoy it.
So this blog will be about different aspects of my life and things I find interesting like fashion, entertainment, top news, cooking, my college experience, and my life.

Hopefully you enjoy, leave, comments, tell your friends.
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